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Why from Nepal, and not for example, Israel?

Nepal map

Buddha’s birthplace

Stupa Buddanath

Nepal is:
Friendly Nepalese and their monasteries. This is the freedom of the mountains and the brightness of the blue sky. This is overcoming yourself in the mountains, your weaknesses and fears, the opportunity to become stronger.
Nepal is the highest mountain country in the world. About 40% of its territory is located at an altitude of more than 3000 m.
Over 1,300 mountain peaks are covered with snow in the country. In Nepal, there are eight of the 14 peaks of the world, exceeding 8000 m. Among them is the highest mountain in the world – Everest (8848 m). In the eastern part of Nepal, the crest of the Main Himalayan Range serves as the state border with China.

Nepal – is also an ancient energy story.
Nepal – the birthplace of the Buddha.

Kathmandu Valley once lay at the bottom of a huge mountain lake. After the earthquake, the lake’s water descended (according to the legend, Bodhisattva Manjushri cut the water with a magic sword, according to another legend, it was Krishna who formed the Chobar Gorge through the staff with the help of a staff), and the valley was inhabited by numerous people from the surrounding regions who formed the Newari people. The valley was distinguished by high fertility, and the population – by great talents in art and crafts, and became famous throughout eastern Asia.

Nepal was in its heyday and fall. Even before our era, Buddhism came to Nepal, and Nepal was a stronghold of Buddhism throughout the Himalayan region, as well as an important transit point on the trade routes between India, Tibet and China.

In Kathmandu is located one of the largest and oldest, as well as the most visited Buddhist temples in the world – Bodnath Stupa

Durbar Square in Kathmandu is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, it focuses more than 20 small palaces and temples

Flag of Nepal

The flag of Nepal consists of two intersecting triangles of different sizes. This is the only five-pointed national flag in the world without a rectangle or square.

The flag of Nepal was adopted on December 16, 1962.

The flag consists of the sun and the moon, which previously depicted human faces, but they were removed after a change in the design of the flag in 1962.

The flag of Nepal symbolizes that the state of Nepal will exist as long as the sun and the moon. The blue border on the flag of Nepal indicates the world, red – the color of rhododendron, the national flower of Nepal. The curved moon is the symbol of the royal house, and the sun represents the Rana dynasty, and the triangular transformation of the flag is the symbol of the southern and northern peaks of Mount Everest, or Jo-Mo-Rlung-Ma (Jomolungma).

Coat of arms of Nepal

Where is the charging of red threads in Nepal

On natural places of power

Peaks of mountains, parks, rivers, lakes. The energy of nature is very friendly and helps a lot with energy charging.

In man create made places of power

These are monasteries, stupas. During ceremonies and services conducted by monks in the monasteries I visit.

In shamanic and vedovskih practices

I spend shamanic and vedovskie practices aimed at attracting good luck, happiness, strength, purity of thoughts, clarity and energy.

Who is engaged in charging the thread?

Shaman – Ruslan Shamanov

A shaman with many years of experience, I study the practice of healthy life and longevity, specialize in saving people from various situations (not only by shamanic methods, but also by physical ones). I constantly check my skills first of all on myself, develop and pass on to people.

At the moment I am in Nepal, train for a single ascent to the summit of Everest to conduct a great shamanic practice for the benefit of the people.
You can read more about me on my personal website. http://soloeverest.com/about/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/shaman_ru_s

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When everything in life goes upside down, and you don’t know how to figure it out, you are looking for help. On your way there are people who are ready to help you. You just have to trust, and the good will happen. Let not immediately. Let through the difficulties. But there is always light at the end of the tunnel.
Why red thread? Because it works. For good luck, for the fulfillment of desires. For anything. When my mother tied me, I became calmer. Inside, the feeling has changed. I became more confident and discovery. My business began to improve. Lost fear. This is how happiness comes. Slowly but surely. Now I can say that I am happy.

Questions and answers

How to tie a thread?

On the left hand. Three knots.
You can tie yourself (yourself) or ask a loved one who you trust and who wishes you all the best.

How to wear a thread?

The thread works as a talisman, at the right moment it will break, taking away the negative, aimed at you.

What to do if the thread is torn?

Write to red@soloeverest.com under what circumstances it happened. Then burn the torn thread.

Personal counseling?

Yes, it is possible.

Are there any discounts?

Yes. When buying 2 strands or sets for couples – 9% discount. For couples – this means that in the order you indicate that you are buying a thread for your girlfriend and yourself, or for your husband and yourself. In this case, before sending you to the thread, a ceremony will be held to strengthen or create a loving marital union (not to be confused with marriage!)
When buying in bulk – the discount is discussed individually.

Remained questions?

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